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Ostrich Starter Feed
Quail Grower Feed
Chick Developer Feed
Turkey Breeder Feed


Zebra Feed
Giraffe Feed
Oryx Feed
Lama Feed


Australian Sheep Feed
Dairy Cow Feed
Horse Breeder Feed
Zebra Feed


Fish Feed
Shrimp Feed

Fujairah Feed Factory

Fujairah Feed Factory is a leading company in UAE, established in 1993, 100% owned by local capital,specialized in manufacturing all kinds of pelleted animal feed. The production capacity is 400 Metric Ton per day of high quality pelleted feed. The latest high tech computer controlled equipment and horizontal puddle mixer which reach to 99.99% of homogeneous feed which of course gives a good performance of Broilers and egg production. Also two separated production lines, one for Poultry feed and another for Ruminants production which enabled us to produce a wide range of animal feed and meet the highest international standards.

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Fujairah Feed Factory
Big Animal Range
Australian Sheep Feed, Goat Feed, Dairy Cow Feed, Dairy Dry Feed, Calf Starter Feed, Camel Dairy Feed
The Bird Range
Ostrich Starter Feed, Quail Starter Feed, Chicken Broiler Starter Feed, Layer Feed, Duck Starter Feed
Wild Animals
Zebra Feed, Giraffe Feed, Oryx Feed, Lama Feed

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