Fujairah Feed Factory is a leading company in UAE, established in 1993, 100% owned by local capital, specialized in manufacturing all kinds of pelleted animal feed.

Fujairah Feed Factory is located in the Free Zone, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates (only 200 meters from port berth) which gives Fujairah feed factory price advantage in feed export.

The production capacity is 400 Metric Ton per day of high quality pelleted feed. The latest high tech computer controlled equipment and horizontal puddle mixer which reach to 99.99% of homogeneous feed which of course gives a good performance of Broilers and egg production. Also two separated production lines, one for Poultry feed and another for Ruminants production which enabled us to produce a wide range of animal feed and meet the highest international standards.

We have four bulk trucks in operation that make our delivery capacity to 90 MT daily which give us capability of supplying our customersí feed requirements.

Range Of Products:
Fujairah Feed Factory is proud of the quality of its products and services which contribute to the success of our customers.

We offer different forms of feed, pellets, crumbled, mash, feed premixes and concentrates, bulk or bagged for;

  1. Poultry-layers, broilers, parent stock.
  2. Dairy cows, calves and fattening.
  3. Camels, sheep, horses.
  4. Pigeon & rabbit feed.
  5. Aqua feed for different types of fish and shrimps.
  6. Processed grain: Steam rolled barley and flaked corn.

Quality Control
It is the commitments of Fujairah Feed Factory to its customers that its products meets the highest international standards and use the latest technology in all stages of production with continuous monitoring of quality through all stages of processing in addition to:

  1. Import ingredients from best international sources with excellent reputation and credibility, utilizing certified surveyors to inspect materials prior to shipping. We use Corn of U.S.A. origin and or Argentina origin, Soyabean Meal from India, Fishmeal from Peruvian or Europe, our Vitamins and Amino Acids from Adisseo, France and Minerals from Europe.
  2. Proper storage and handling.
  3. Analysis of ingredients upon arrival, prior to approval of use, inspection and testing of finished products prior to shipping to customers.

Laboratory Control
We conduct laboratory tests for making sure that the aflatoxin levels are within the normal standard. And to be sure that our products are free of Salmonella SPP before we purchase the raw materials.

The tests are conducted in reputed laboratories like SGS, BUREAU VERITAS or ITS laboratory.

Feed Additives: We use anti-salmonella, anti-oxidants, toxin binders and mold ñinhibitors. For coccidia we use shuttle program, Chemical form in Starter and Ionoform in Finisher. For the yolk color we use Chlorophyll from Roche and BASF for the Layer feed as per customer requirement.

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Fujairah Feed Factory is a leading company in UAE, established in 1993, 100% owned by local capital,specialized in manufacturing all kinds of pelleted animal feed.

Fujairah Feed Factory
Big Animal Range
Australian Sheep Feed, Goat Feed, Dairy Cow Feed, Dairy Dry Feed, Calf Starter Feed, Camel Dairy Feed
The Bird Range
Ostrich Starter Feed, Quail Starter Feed, Chicken Broiler Starter Feed, Layer Feed, Duck Starter Feed
The Rodent Range
Rabbit Feed, Rodent Feed