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We share your care in increasing the crane population...

This feed is specifically formulated for all species of cranes that are growing in restricted environment. Nutritional requirements of wild cranes that are grown in captivity is specifically considered while formulating this feed to remain in good condition without the selective pecking associated with the crane species that leads to poor performance.

Suitable Species:
CRANE FEED is specially formulated for all species of cranes in all life stages that are in restricted environment.

Feeding Instructions:
Feed ad lib with enough quantity of fresh, clean water.

3.5 mm pellets. Available in bags of 25 kg, 30 kg and 50 kg.


C.P. C.Fat C. Fiber N.D.F. Ca P
20.5% 5.00% 5.3% 14.86% 1.45% 0.92%

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